Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choo Choo and the zoo

Atlanta Zoo

When Tyson saw the elephant do this trick he said, "Good job eldaphant!!!!"
...No, their names are not Jim and Marci...

Tyson and Lucas CHILLIN' in their phat ride! Can I get a ride like that?

Tyson really enjoyed the children's petting zoo, he had no problem being soft and petting nicely. (FYI we're not favoring Ty in these shots, Lukey was just asleep :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Forsythe Park Fountain (our Inn over looked this famous park) Ty wanted to swim in it.
A cute house for sale that I tried to talk Jim in to buying for me, it didn't work.....yet. Looking up under the roof over hang at the beautiful blue tiles on the Free Mason Building built hundreds of years ago. Jim thinks it would have been cool to be a Free Mason ( I think he watched National Treasure too many times). I think it would have been cool to be the daughter of one of those cotton kings. I could decide whether I felt like staying at the plantaion home, in the city home (mansion) or in the cottage home at Tybee Island. I would have been great at that job, you know wearing hoop skirts and entertaining. Did I mention yet, I LOVE SAVANNAH!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whitaker-Huntingdon Inn

When we travel I prefer to try and rent homes (check out greatrentals.com) instead of staying in hotels. Often times it is cheaper than a hotel, with way more room. We decided to go to Savannah last weekend and I found this place the day before we left. This is the picture of the cool little Inn we stayed at while we were in Savannah. It was built in 1833, we stayed on the top story, in 2 giant bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen. It had a an old claw-foot tub, original wood floors, and these tall 12 ft cellings, we loved it! As I've been telling Jim for years I would love to someday run an old restored home as a bed and breakfast, now that I've been there, it just might have to be in Savannah...
Here's the link to where we stayed, check it out if you want.

Tyson, Lucas, and the Atlantic...

We've been in Atlanta for a little over a week. By far our most fun experience was last weekend when we went to Savannah (which we are now IN LOVE WITH!!!!). Just outside of Savannah about 20-30 minutes is a place called Tybee Island. We took the boys there to the beach, and it was the first time both of theme had seen the ocean. Even though it was a little overcast and cooler than it had been, the water was warm, and as you can see Tyson LOVED the water! Lucas tried out the water, but he preferred the sand (and the mommy). A great time was had by all!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My name is Marci...

...and I too am a "Twilight-a-holic". I've felt a little reluctant to post about this over-posted subject, but I too am addicted to that crack like series by Stephanie Meyer. I saw this on one of my friends blogs and felt it was my duty to come out of the closet. So, here's a link to a partial manuscript that she has written telling Edwards version of the first Twilight book. I read it while I was in the hotel in Provo after the kids went to sleep. I swear it's like I'll do anything for one more hit, just like crack. 

No more until we get to Atlanta, but seriously I thought you all would want to have your fixes too.

La vida loca...

We have had a busy crazy time this last week or so and it is not over yet. Jim left a week ago friday to fish with his dad in Alaska for a little over a week. While he was gone, my grandmother passed away. It was a bittersweet time, she has been suffering from Alzhiemers for the past 6 years, and has been bed ridden for the past 2. It was a blessing, but still sad. The boys and I went to St. George and picked my parents up, and we all drove up to Provo. In the meantime, Jim made arrangements to fly to Salt Lake instead of Vegas and had DRAMA getting in. (I guess when you are in such a remote place you can't just jump on the first flight out) After literally just under 24 hours of traveling, he made it. We were able to attend the funeral and activities that go along with that yesterday. Last night we drove back to Vegas and rolled in just after 11pm. We were up and out the door this morning at 7:30 to do a presentation for our business at a real estate office. Jim got a call that he had to fly to Denver today and then Toronto tomorrow. So I did the presentation solo while he went home to pack. He picked me up, we went to our next presentation, and then I dropped him at the airport. While he's gone I have the task of handling the move in of our first caretakers tomorrow and Thursday. I also get to pack for our family for a month because on  Saturday we head to Atlanta (Jim has training there on a new jet his employer is buying for a full month, we're obviously going with him). I also have to get the house ready for our house sitter, you never know if people will get curious enough to look under the beds, and its been a while since I've vacuumed under there. And lastly we have 2 more major presentations Friday. So, It will be a while since I can post any pics. Life is a little busy and overwhelming right now, but dang it's fun. We feel so lucky to be where we're at in this stage of our vida loca! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wooooo Hooooo!

Tyson peed in the potty today for the first time. The way I jumped up and down and cheered and woo hoo'd you would think he had just won an olympic gold medal or something. No what do we do? How does this potty training thing work?!