Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daddy of the MAC

Jim is on his 2nd MAC lap top. He loves them. He's never had a virus. I am just scratching the surface of how cool these computers are and the stuff you can do with them. I would seriously like to take a class (yes me, a computer class) on MAC's so I can really take advantage of this computer. I think the last time I took "full" advantage of an apple was playing Oregon Trail on one in the 1st grade. Cool then, even cooler now. (Don't even get me started on Jim's iphone!)

Lucas' Surgery

Luke had a minor surgery Friday morning and is doing great! We were pretty nervous about it because a pediatric anesthesiologist had to put him to sleep for the operation.  He had no problems except being a little drowsy after waking up. In the pictures he's chewing on his bubble gum flavored mask that they put him to sleep with. He's also got on a Tigger hospital gown and those little hospital socks.  As you can see, for 6am he's pretty happy and         alert, and mom and dad...aren't. 

Mommy and Daddy hit the town...

So, I forgot to upload these pictures earlier. Jim and I had the coolest company christmas party. The guy he fly's for, flew the Vegas employee's and their wives up to Sundance in their 2 jets for the company party. Each of us had private cabin's and attended a formal dinner. It was a very fun time and a great excuse to get dressed up!!! (we left the babies with Grandma and Grandpa here at our house in vegas, that was great and hard at the same time)

Hobo Suit/Birthday Suit

Tyson likes to put on hats. I was trying on a corduroy blazer for church to see if it fit, and he decided to put his hat on  and run around. Jim and I think he looks like a hobo. The naked baby pic was taken at my inlaws house. Ty loves to brush his teeth (parent tip: when it comes time to seriously brush, buy a cool "electric" tooth brush to make it fun. We've had the soccer ball and the fire engine, Ty's favorite) and in this picture he's not only brushing his teeth but trying to comb his hair as well. Cute baby butt huh! 

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Frosty the snow men!

It snowed the day before Christmas while we were in Boise at Jim's folks house. Tyson loved having 5 acres and fields to run around on. He loved the snowmen, but didn't love being picked up long enough to take pictures. He just wanted to keep playing. My snowmen are so cute, the little snow sculptures aren't too bad either.

Pukey Lukey loves mommy!!!!

Jim caught Lucas and I playing, and Lukey giving me his token kisses (I think he really tries to use me as his teething ring). What he didn't catch was the exact thing happening the next day, play time and kisses...but the next day Luke had just had his liquid lunch and upchucked it right in my face. Literally in my mouth and nose. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO GROSS!!!!! But I still love him, and certainly didn't mind playtime and kisses the next day.


We took Tyson and Lucas to the Magical Christmas Forrest and had their picture taken with Santa. Lucas was enthralled with Santa Claus. He very seriously studied every thing about him, and was fascinated by his beard. I didn't post the picture of he and Tyson together (Ty was not happy, similar to his Lion picture) I didn't want to get anymore flack about torturing my kids. Funny how Ty loved Santa last year, and not so much this year.

Mr. Piano Man

One of Tyson's favorite things to do is take advantage of the rare moments that mommy gets to sit down at the piano. He likes to join me for a "duet". I've decided to let him have his own piano time each day. He loves it. We do too (wink wink)!