Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Idaho Redneck Vacation Rocked!

The Falls on the South Fork of the Snake River.
Lucas LOVED the falls, I swear he entered like a Zen state whenever we got close (we went twice) and he cried when we left.

Tyson loved "helping" with everything to do with the boat. He also helped daddy fish.
Jim's Charlie's Angles pose...
Have you ever shot a 44 Mag? It's like shooting a cannon, not my favorite gun, but Jim likes it.
I'm shooting an AR-15. I liked it. I also happen to be a bulls eye shot from 40 yards out (bettcha didn't know I'm like freaking Annie Oakley), my favorite though is a Glock, which I also can hit bulls eye's with. Jim says this is why he made me quit playing Grand Theft Auto, something about transference...
We also did some 4-wheeling...

It was a really fun vacation. We had a lot of rain and it was MUCH cooler than vegas, but we all thrived, something about being in the mountains, in the fresh air, is well, refreshing. We loved our redneck vacation and can't wait to go again!

Monday, June 8, 2009


So we had a MAJOR break through with Lucas this weekend. We have been having a speech therapist come to the house for 6 or 7 weeks now to work with him. We are not yet working on actual speech, but rather the idea of communication. It sounds a little weird, but we have to teach him the very basic ideas of communication, for example: teaching him to make eye contact with us, look at the thing he wants and then look back at us. Along with this we have been trying to teach him the sign for "more", so he will understand that you have the power to do something (sign) and then you get your desired result. We're hoping that once understands that, we can progress to sounds, and eventually words. SO, after like 6 weeks of working on the sign "more", it clicked! We were in the pool and I was twirling him around. Then I would stop, and say more, show him the sign, and then wait. I SWEAR I saw the light turn on in his head, he grinned and then did the sign all by himself. All I can say it that the neighbors must have thought we had won the freaking lottery or something, we were jumping and screaming. Of course we did it again and again. Then I pretended that I was ignoring him and would look away, he would grab my face and turn it so I was looking at him (THIS IS MAJOR by the way) and then again show me the sign for more. Seriously I can not find the words (how ironic) to describe how awesome this was for us. He got to show his speech therapist this morning and she was thrilled as well. An all around great day for Lucas (and us). Everyone, put your finger tips together for more, more, more!