Sunday, July 27, 2008

In memory of Ali Walther

A good friend of mine from high school passed away last Saturday in a tragic car accident, her father was also killed. When I heard the news last Saturday, I remembered that I really don't deal well with this sort of thing and am having a hard time trying to find appropriate words. I know many of our mutual friends view our blog so I thought I would let you know and refer you to a couple of other blogs. Click on MacDonald's to view an amazing letter Jermey (Ali's husband wrote) or Harney's, I echo both Christie and Brittany's sentiments. Also a memorial blog has been set up in their name, (click on Ali's memorial blog) if you would like to share a memory you might have of Ali. The family is trying to compile a book for her husband and 3 children. She will be dearly missed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tyson has become obsessed with the movie "Cars" the past few weeks. It's the first 'real' movie he's ever watched and he can't get enough of it. This is the problem. What was once cute "Mommy watch the cool cars?" now is beyond ridiculous. This is all the kid says almost all day that we are home. To try and distract him we've been walking to the park (which in Vegas you have to do no later than 7 am or it's to0 hot) everyday, sometimes twice a day if its overcast. Making random car trips to no where in particular, coloring, dancing, playing cars, etc. The pool is closed, and this week we're in between gymnastics sessions so no gymnastics. It's too hot to just hang out in the back yard, so what do I do? We watch Cars once a day, but it's apparently not enough. Even before the credits are rolling he's asking to "watch the cool cars" again. Any advice from anyone out there? I'm going crazy. 

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Butt sledding at Mt. Rainier

I'll narrate these pic's for you:

Tyson: Weeee, this is so fun.

Jim & Brendan: Ok kids, this is the LAST time.

Tyson: Weeee, this is so much fun!

Jim: Oh crap, that looks like a build up of snow at the bottom of the hill, am I going to hit it?

Jim: Doh!!!!! 

Tyson: Weeeee, that was so much fun!!! Let's do it again daddy.

Mt. Rainier

We had such a fun time in Washington. We met our good friends from Vegas, the Kester's at a cabin we rented at Mt. Rainier and had a good time on our little nature walks. We explored the near by river which we couldn't keep Tyson out of. Had fun in the hot tub on the deck of our cabin (isn't Luke cute in his floaties), and played in the snow in the middle of June up at "Paradise" (it was 106 degrees in Vegas at that time FYI). When we drove up to Paradise it was so foggy that we could barely see. Tyson looks like that kid in a Christmas story in his oversized snow suit. The daddies were talked in to hiking the kids up a hill and giving the a ride down on their rear's. What good sports!