Sunday, November 15, 2009

Murder Mystery/Birthday Party

The Birthday Girls! Both girls are turning 13 with in the week (Asia and her friend Rush'l)
Ty (aka Joe) and Kim (aka E.C.) in character for our party!
Our three 13 year olds, Gabe, Asia and Rush'l.
The girls: Kim (E.C.) , Rush'l (Pris), Asia (Penny), and Me (Dee)
Dee and Rick
Our newest love birds Gabe (Del) and Asia (Penny)

We had a murder mystery party while Asia was in town. For two reasons, one to give us something fun and inexpensive to do, and two to celebrate Asia and her friend Rush'l's birthdays. They both are turning 13. We had a ton of fun and I think everybody enjoyed getting in to character. I highly recommend it!