Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Note to self: It is difficult to get little boys to hold still together for a picture in an of it self, next time to not try taking pictures after 3 hours of church and right in the middle of nap time. Poor Luke, he's so tired. (oh and B, I know you're wanting to know, my skirt was bright, hot, fushia pink and the boys had white shorts on :) Happy Easter! 

Lukey Update

We went to the neurologist last week. He has a few "theories" as to what's going on. He ordered some blood tests (which we did on thursday and were NOT fun) and an MRI. While we're waiting for the insurance to approve the MRI, we are trying to find an "affordable" speech pathologist. We fought and argued with the insurance company and they will not cover speech therapy. Dang. 
Will update when we know something that is actually factual information.

Tyson turned 3!!!!

I originally decided to not have a birthday party for Tyson, but a few days before his B-day I started feeling bad so I threw a "party" together last minute. He loves Wall-E so that was the idea behind the cake. He loved it until we lit the candles and was a little concerned why we were trying to burn Wall-E. I made the tracks/wheels out of frosted rice crispy treats, and the eyes were frosted twinkies. It was a fun little party! Oh, and can I just say it is SOOOOO WIERD that I have a 3 year old! Jim and I agree that it's been the best 3 years we've had!!!

Group Photo

Here's the picture of us at Shalen's. Wish you were there!