Friday, November 21, 2008

I'll take another hit please.

You know my earlier post about the Twilight series being like crack? Well I had another hit last night (or rather this morning) at 12:01 am. A big group of girls from my ward went to see it at the new Aliante Station Casino by our house. First of all let me say that the last time I "started" the night so late was probably in college with Brooke, but it was fun and worth the tired eyes this morning. I was standing there wondering what it was about this book/movie that would make not only teenage girls, but "grown women" wait in line forever and go to a movie that started SOOOOO dang late. I mean we all had kids to take care of the next day. And I realized this. Females are wired to be romantics. We all, no matter the age, want to be loved and have a love so fierce that literally you can't live with out the other person. That ridiculous dramatic high school love, that Shakesperian Romeo and Juliet love. Obviously real life, mortgage payments and diaper changes aren't as intense as Bella and Edward but every once in a while we really want it to be. I mean wouldn't you want, just every once in a while your husband proclaim his love for you the way Edward does? So if there are any guys reading this, here's your sign. If your wives finished all four books in a matter of days and had to be there to see the movie take a clue and find out why she's so drawn to it. Then copy even if it is cheesy. ANYHOW, here's my quick take on the movie for those who haven't seen it yet. I liked it. Like most movies, it was in parts different from the book. It was fun to see how the characters were portrayed. I thought Bella was right on, Charlie younger than I imagined. I'm still not sure what I think about Edward. He was definitely hot and alluring for sure, but I'm not totally convinced yet. Maybe I'll have to see it again. The Cullen house looked WAY different than I imagined. I felt like some of the character development was lacking, especially Alice, she wasn't that big of a deal in the movie and for me at least in the book she was, especially her relationship with Edward. It seemed like they spent way more time on superficial Jessica, and really who cares about her?  Anyhow, I liked it, didn't LOVE it. Was glad I went to see it, hope they start making the next book.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I forgot, Vegas is fun!

Sometimes I forget that Vegas is a fun place. We rarely go to the strip (unless we have visitors) and its even more rare if we bring the kids. The only times the boys ever really go is to the shark reef or when Patti and Clyde come for the Pro Rodeo in Dec. ANYWAY, Jim is a few days into his 10 day trip and got lucky enough to fly back in for a couple of hours this afternoon. We decided to go meet him for dinner at the airport (which was super fun) and when he had to fly out it left us right in the middle of rush hour. So, I decided to head to the Bellagio and take the kids to the Conservatory and the water show. It was so dang fun (and Free) it was the one and ONLY time I was appreciative of Daylight Savings and it being dark at 5:30. I was not however appreciative of my shoe choice (had to wear the platforms with the cute dress to look hot for the hubby to make him want get home again ASAP) but it was worth it to have a change in "scenery" and remember that really, the strip and Vegas are fun. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

P.S. It's 80 degrees in Vegas today! he he :)

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Today is Jim's 33rd Birthday. He's not really a blogger, so I'm not going to do the whole 33 great things about him on his birthday thing (Since he probably won't see this) although of course there are many more than 33. But just know he's a fantastic man, and so gorgeous as you can see by my very favorite picture of him I posted. What I did want to write is the same thing I think about every year on his birthday. See, in my family every birthday my dad tells us our "birth story" you know what happened on the day we were born. So every year on Jim's birthday I always think about how grateful I am to all of the people that contributed to his "birth story". I'm so glad that his biological mother had the courage to give him a better life. I'm so glad that her parents encouraged her to do so  and that they were selfless enough to let someone else be parents to that baby. I'm so glad that the foster family that had him for the 1st couple of months were there and able to take good care of him. And mostly, I'm SOOOOOOO glad that his parents are his parents and raised such an amazing man that would eventually become an incredible husband and father. So even though we don't know the details of that particular day he was born, he really does have a great "birth story" and I love celebrating him and his story every year.  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Photo Memory Tag

I thought the last tag I did would be the one and only. But then I saw this picture and thought I would definitely do this one. (If the picture was crappy, I wouldn't have done it.) BUT it has inspired me to loose some lbs and try and claim the former me that Jim "fell for".
So the "history" of the picture is me and one of my best friends since the 8th grade Jenny (the one in the black) and our friend Erin at a fashion show at the Seattle Art Museum that our other friend since the 8th grade Sherry was in. 
What I miss about this picture: My pre-prego body (I never was a skinny girl, but I was in good shape then) my long hair, my TAN, and the fact that I have NO wrinkles. 
What I was miss-ING: my amazing kiddies and hubby, my G's, the knowledge that those three things are the most important things. (And, the knowledge that the tanning probably caused the wrinkles, go white girl go white girl)
So, I tag anyone who wants to do it. Go to the 6th file folder on your computer and pull up the 6th photo, tell us about it. Easy huh?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wizard of Oz II

                                                                       Halloween 2007

    Halloween 2008-look no one's bawling. Tyson's half way smiling, & Lukey is smiling below!
So we re-used our costumes (with the exception of the tin man) from last year. Not because I'm totally lame, but because last year due to illness we missed our church's halloween party, and only made it out to two houses. I figured it would be ok. We had a FUN time this year, we went to our ward's Halloween party and the kids enjoyed going crazy in the church, Tyson loved checking out each "scary" decorated classroom and Lukey loved following him around. You can't tell from these pics taken at the end of the night, but Ty's costume was actually way better, he had a funnel hat, silver arm and leg things, an axe, and a painted face, by the end of the night he had pretty much ditched his entire costume and wiped most of the face paint off. Not bad though for home made poster board, spray paint, and brass fasteners. The only thing missing was Dorothy's long haired piggy tails, it was the first time since chopping it off that I missed my hair. I'm not sure if we'll talk Jim into dressing up next year, we didn't have many adults dressing up in our ward. You are all lame, and you know who you are! Oh and we did let the kids trick-or-treat the classrooms for candy. I know, amazing. Tyson tried a sucker I think for the first time and liked it. He also tried a kitkat bar, took two bites and asked for a banana. Lukey didn't try anything (I know we're mean, healthy, but mean). Jim and I helped them by eating all their candy.  (I said the kids are healthy-not us.)