Monday, February 23, 2009

We're thankful for the goats!

It was a toss up as to what Tyson liked better, feeding the goats or riding the ponies. Of course my camera battery went dead by the time Tyson got his turn with the ponies, but at least we've got the goats. I swear in the last picture they are smiling at each other. Since we visited the farm, Tyson has been sure to say how thankful he is for the goats and ponies every night in his prayers. 

Country Boys 'n' Girls gettin' down on the Farm!

Last week was the letter "F" for Tyson's preschool group. It worked out great because we were invited to go with the older preschool group to the Farm for a Fieldtrip. My boys really loved it. Tyson loved the animals, and Lukey loved playing in the dirt. Don't they make cute cow boys! And yes I did dress them up a little bit, Ty's wearing his own cowboy boots, and the actual hat that Jim wore when he was a little boy. Can you believe that hat is like 30 years old?!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sorry Alicia,  I've been slacking. Things are pretty boring around here really, and I haven't taken ANY pictures in a while. Here's the updates:
Pre-school: We've been doing preschool for 4 weeks now and it's been going pretty well. There's 4 kids in our group. Tyson struggles with being dropped of at other houses, but did great when it was here. Over-all I think he does enjoy it, and it will be great for me when I can actually have the full 4 hours a week.
Nursery: Lukey STRUGGLES with nursery lately too! What's the deal with the attachment disorder children?!?! He did actually have a successful day today, Jim only had to stay with him for a little while and he didn't bawl the whole time.
Jim: He's just flying and trying to get things going with the business. It seems that lately he's become better friends with the guys in the ward. He's plays basketball, goes shooting, has their fight/movie night (they watch some type of fighting at some guys house and then go to a movie-not appealing to me at all, the fight part at least). He's been having fun and I'm glad.
Me: My time has been consumed with freezer group, pre-school, play group, etc. So yesterday my friend Erica and I took the ENTIRE day to ourselves. Probably the best parts of the day were going to Desert Book and actually being able to look around with out worrying about kids breaking things and being all loud, it was nice. I also enjoyed going to the movie and then dinner with a few of our friends. We've decided that we need to to something like this at least once a month, it was fun. 
Anyhow, maybe we'll make something exciting happen to us, or maybe we'll just take pictures of the "everyday" stuff. 
Hope all is well with everyone else, sometimes "no news is good news" :) !!!