Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

For Christmas I received...

Diamonds and Pearls...


...a double barrel shot gun...

(is that funny to anyone else?)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Do you think we could get a decent pic of all of us in front of the Christmas tree? Nope. 


Sometimes Lukey cracks me up, this is one of those times! Aren't we a pair of toothy big mouth'd cheesers?!

Snow In Vegas?

I know I'm a week or so late on this post, but I wanted to show you all that it did snow at our house in Vegas. The boys LOVED it! Tyson has been asking to "play in the snow" ever since. Jim happened to have to fly in that snow all day, he had a 21 hour flight day, Poor guy! (We had fun though :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


You know how you read people's blogs and they are doing like a million amazing things with their kids all the time and you just know that they have a clean house, shaved legs, and all their Christmas presents wrapped as well (Alicia). Right now, that's not me. I have about a ZILLION things to do over the next 6 days before our company show up for Christmas (both families). We're in the middle of painting our WHOLE house, I'm attempting to make Ty a quilt for his new full size bed before everyone shows up (no, I don't quilt, never have, just thought "Oh I could do that", seriously, what?!), finish the whole Christmas shopping/wrapping/baking/visiting teaching, finish planning the Christmas eve party that we've invited both our families and friends to (hey if you're in Vegas and need something to to for the 24th let us know), find a Santa Suit for Santa for the party, entertain my kids, feed us, change diapers, clean my entire house, blah blah blah.
What am I doing? Reading peoples blogs in my PJ's. LAZ-Y. Seriously, what is my problem? I'm grounding myself from the computer till I get this crap done. So, you'll just have to wait to see how cute Tyson looks in his orange arm cast. Yea he fractured it a few weeks ago, why haven't I put a picture of him in it up? I told you, Right now, I'm LAZY (or maybe overwhelmed?...).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

You wanna hear something funny...

A 12 year old boy from our church saw me buck freakin naked today. I'll pause for laughter....Yep it's true. I put the kids down for naps before church and Jim wasn't home from work yet. I started to get that "I think I ate something bad and I'm gonna puke" feeling, I did and needed to jump in the shower afterward. I get out of the shower and hear Tyson banging on his bedroom door saying MO-OMMY! So I head toward his room and realize the puking isn't over yet. I'm closer to his bathroom than my own and head there. It happens to be right past our glass-paned front door where I see a few boys standing. I proceed to hear an "ahhhhhh" come from one of them as I also say "ahhhhh" and barely make it to the toilet. They proceed to keep ringing the door bell, I proceed to keep barfing. Tyson opens his door somehow sees them I assume, but hears me and comes in to see what the noise is about. In between hurls I'm trying to tell them to hold on. After the puking subsides I'm looking for a towel that doesn't have a dinosaur or duck on it that might possibly be big enough to offer enough coverage for me to either walk by the front door again or answer it. I wasn't fast enough and heard them say as they left " She's in there, we just saw her baby, it's probably cause you saw her like...that." I was feeling a few things at that moment, a little embarrassed-yes. Sick-yes. And, a little sad. Why sad you ask? Because I remembered that my younger brothers friends used to find any excuse to come over to our house in the summer and catch me. Either tanning in the backyard, changing in my room, going from the shower to my room, what ever. And now times have changed and these boys were definitely not looking to "catch" a glimpse of an old married mom of two in the nude. I feel a little sad that instead of making their day like my little brothers friends used to say, I think I might of scarred these poor boys for life.
Side note: A similar experience happened with our old home teacher/now business partner as I was walking to get my bathrobe out of the dryer in the laundry room. I claims he never saw a thing. NOTE TO SELF AND OTHERS---Next house get solid doors or quit walking around in my birthday suit.